All companies, without exception, need partners to achieve extraordinary things.

PSP Lab can assist you with selecting the best solution and introduce you to the best acquirers, issuers, banking partner, currency exchange providers, IT solution developers, KYC/AML solution providers, business development experts, and other potential partners, that have been vetted by our previous and current clients as best in the industry.

Demtech provides advisory and business development services and acts as a salesforce for FinTech/PayTech companies expanding their operations into the European, Asian and South American markets.

Since 2000, Demtech has acted as an Open Innovation Partner for Fintech Companies, turning clients’ expansion plans into implemented solutions. Notable clients include PAX Technology, Elavon, BBVA, Banco Santander, Bankia, BlueCode, Thetaray, TSI Payment, WaveCrest, WorldLine, and others. By Partnering with larger financial institutions and venture capital firms Demtech provides its clients with resources and tools for their accelerated growth.

Demtech services include scouting and FinTech advisory services, innovation scouting services, implementation management services, business development, market assessment and go-to-market strategy, scaling and growth services, private capital raising.

Trusek provides the proven, secure Payment or E-money Account Management Platform and integrated services you need to create, deliver and scale financial solutions while minimising the time and cost of bringing your product to market.

Trusek platform delivers all the infrastructure that is critical to the success of any FinTech service including hosting, security, compliance, accounting, reporting, logging, redundancy and backups and all the host of necessary functions involved in managing customer funds, that your customers will never see.

Trusek APIs provides the tools to enable your USP to shine. The final step can be completed either using your own design team or working with Trusek. They have done everything in their power to make the Trusek Core Account Platform the most flexible, secure and feature-rich platform on which to build and scale your services.


ETT provides a sophisticated system for treasury management and transaction processing, facilitating foreign exchange of fiat currencies at the market-making level.

It connects through its back-office, whether manually, via batch processing or through APIs with multiple payment processors, foreign exchange dealers (including crypto) and banks simultaneously.

ETT provides independence, continuity of activity and freedom of choice to financial institutions.

It aggregates or segregates assets of the client and its customers.

It gives the ability to manage sub-brands and multi-brands as white labels

Within the context of the ETT system’s fiat currency experience, ETT’s Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) extends that functionality to support digital currencies.

This extension allows ETT clients to easily maintain managed wallets on behalf of their customers, process payments and deposits in digital currencies and make conversions between digital and fiat currencies and between digital currencies.

Privasee is a self-compliance tool that helps SMEs comply with data privacy regulations like the GDPR in record time and easily share their compliance status. Our automated tools break down regulation into a few simple steps and generate a custom Privacy Portal with all your compliance information – always up to date and ready to share

All companies should be transparent with the data they hold, but for that to be the case the process needs to be easy and affordable. With this in mind, our platform allows any company to get their data privacy in check, in under a day and without any legal experience.

As soon as you signup you will be asked a couple of questions about the industry that you operate in, the 3rd party tools you use or the type of clients that you have. With this information, the platform will automatically generate a full inventory of your data, key documents like your Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, and will create a Privacy Portal, directly on your website with all the privacy information that any investor, partner or client could ever need to have.

Covery is a global risk management platform helping online companies solve fraud and minimize risk. The company offers a fully customizable and suitable solution for any industry and type of business, based on individual characteristics and customer needs. The product is developed by risk managers with multiple years of experience in both high and low-risk industries.

Our motto Fraud shall not pass! means that we not only do fraud prevention but also ensure security.

As of today, security for businesses by design is AML safety and compliance with all regulatory standards.

Covery helps companies stay compliant and simplifies compliance processes by automation of Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering procedures, GDPR, and PSD2 requirements fulfillment.

With automation, our customers secure all transactions against money laundering and reduce customer onboarding time up to 1sec, thus save their operational resources.

Swan is the easiest way to embed banking features into your product. Via Swan’s simple APIs, European companies can integrate banking services (accounts, cards, and IBANs) quickly and easily into their own product.

Co-founded in 2019 with start-up Studio eFounders, Swan received a 5M€ Seed led by Creandum in 2020 and a 16M€ Series A led by Accel in 2021. Dubbed a top “European fintech to watch in 2021” by Sifted, the startup is currently expanding across Europe, with plans to grow its staff to 100 this year. Additional offices are set to be open in Germany and Spain.

The start-up today has partners in 7 EU countries and product coverage across 30. By the end of 2021, its platform had processed north of 500M€. Swan is a Mastercard principal member and a licensed electronic money institution, regulated by the ACPR.

Skaleet is an international FinTech providing Core Banking Platform, allowing financial institutions to quickly launch new banking products and new experiences at a competitive price.

Complying with the highest security standards, it already powers 25+ regulated financial institutions and manages 8+ million banking accounts worldwide. The solution combines an open, modular, and cloud-agnostic technology. Banks and financial institutions can develop and create their personalized features by relying on an ecosystem of best-of-breed partners and Skaleet agility. Our Core Banking Platform offers digital bank accounts, payment cards, and the ability to orchestrate payment flows, lending products as well as services provided by integrated partners. Skaleet has grown to over 60+ employees in Boulogne-Billancourt (near Paris, France) and has raised €28,5M from Société Générale and Long Arc Capital.

300Brains is a multinational software consultancy providing experienced & dedicated remote developers, engineers and full stack teams. Our flexible, personalised approach allows startups and corporates supercharge software innovation whilst saving time and cost.

We provide dedicated IT teams for:
–maintaining and servicing existing IT solutions
–support of legacy software solutions
–software maintenance
–integration with COTS and SaaS solutions
–migration to new solutions
–cutting costs and getting results

iDenfy combines identity verification, fraud prevention, anti-money laundering service in one solution which protects financial institutions and other digital services from fraud using three-layer identity verification. iDenfy platform is fully white-labelled through the entire workflow, so it looks native to your customers and optimises the onboarding process.

If you need to comply with the latest KYC/AML regulations, scan & extract customers’ data from documents seamlessly, inspect the validity and authenticity of the document,
recognise the face of the person in real-time and match it with the document, check if the person is actually present at the time of verification and protect from any spoofing attacks, run customers’ data through anti-money laundering & law enforcement databases, try iDenfy all in one regulatory compliance platform.

iDenfy implementation is straightforward with the robust API and SDK, and priced keeping in mind startup budget constraints. Our fraud prevention and chargeback minimisation tools allow you to recoup your investment into iDenfy in the shortest possible timeframe.

The task of managing risk and compliance is growing in complexity. From dealing with an ever-growing volume of alerts to relying on engineering teams and static systems, something is broken with 90% of laundered going undetected. Unit21 takes on these problems head-on to give risk and compliance teams the most control over their operations.

Backed by Google, Tiger Global Management, and other leading investors, Unit21 is redefining how risk and compliance teams fight financial crime. Unit21’s fully customizable platform provides a simple API and dashboard for detecting, investigating, and reporting on fraud, money laundering, and other sophisticated risks across multiple industries.

Combining onboarding orchestration, transaction monitoring, and suspicious activity report (SAR) case management, Unit21 streamlines every aspect of risk and compliance operations.

Interested in discovering how Unit21’s no-code solutions can help your organization?  Learn about our solutions here.

DECTA Limited is a leading European FinTech company, principal member acquirer and issuer of Visa and Mastercard, licensed as an electronic money institution in the UK. DECTA provides highly sophisticated and technologically advanced card issuing and card acquiring services for merchants as well as other payment services providers.

If your FinTech/PayTech startup is looking for a reliable and flexible, yet affordable service provider, look no further. DECTA can provide your PSP with the online acquiring services under payment facilitator agreement, white-label payment card issuance, Visa Original Credit Transaction (OCT) and Mastercard Money Send, as well as technical processing for Visa/Mastercard members.

DECTA integrates easily an in-house API platform to support all possible customer project requirements in the automation of payments and operations for acquirers and issuers.

Crassula started with a simple idea – to provide the fast and easy yet product-rich technological core for launching FinTechs. Today, trusted by the industry leaders, we embrace security and connectivity, flexibility and convenience, delivering world-class products to more than 5 million financial services end-users.

Crassula’s White Label digital banking and payment gateway solution allows you to build PSP, Banking, FX products the way you want them. Digital onboarding, virtual IBANs, SEPA & SWIFT transfers, FX, coupled with robust virtual and physical payment card issuance and management allows FinTech startups to be up and running in weeks, not months.

Create your own e-commerce global payment gateway with Crassula’s PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and designed with multiple acquiring, alternative payment methods, anti-fraud solutions, risk management, merchants integration, smart routing, virtual currencies and more.

beGateway is a cloud payment gateway and online payment processing system, which is available for using by any payment service provider or acquiring bank under their own brand names.

The team behind beGateway provides a white-label solution to save time and money to the clients, who need state-of-art full-featured ready-made PCI DSS Level 1 certified payment platform for their payment processing business.

Key features of the beGateway platform include modular structure & scalability, statistics & accounting, reliable proprietary anti-fraud tools, and third-party risk management integrations, 24/7 technical support, support for any card types, any currency, an abundance of alternative payment methods, and 50+ ready-made integrations with the acquirers throughout the world. And even if anything is missed, the beGateway developers will add the necessary feature upon your request.

Superscript is an award-winning InsurTech business and an approved Lloyds broker. Headquartered in London, with a hub in Europe, we provide a full range of specialist insurance products designed for FinTech innovators, including professional indemnity, cyber, theft and directors & officers cover.

Through our international presence, we work with a large portfolio of global clients, encompassing all types of Fintech business, from payment services businesses to lending institutions.

As start-up and scale-up specialists, our insurance advisory services are recommended both by and for entrepreneurs, challengers, and disruptors across the FinTech sector.

Backed by Concentric, Beazley, Seedcamp & BHL, Superscript is one of the fastest growing FinTechs globally and is directly authorised by the FCA and AFM in Europe.

Geniusto is a technology ‘enabler’ for payment and remittance companies, electronic money institutions, banks and credit unions on an international scale. Geniusto digital banking and payment solutions are relied on by regulated banking and fintech companies in a dozen countries across Europe and the UK, Southeast Asia, and the USA.

The Geniusto ‘Digital Economy Management Suite’ provides a powerful ‘All in One’ solution for an institution to seamlessly manage its complex, regulated transaction business operations. Geniusto provides both a reliable, battle-tested, mature core platform; and the ability to innovate and remain relevant in this fast-moving digital economy rapidly.

Designed specifically for the electronic money and payment institution startups, the Geniusto ‘Bank in a Box’ suite of tools includes a complete all in one platform that can be rapidly deployed to enable any Fintech company to go live in as little as three to four months.

Hiplabs is a developer of digital solutions for the FinTech, PropTech and FoodTech businesses. It offers its clients a modern technology stack, high-skill developers and high-speed of implementation of various solutions for business requests.

Hiplabs has experience in developing mobile apps: e-commerce, CRM, banking and offline mobile apps. It also provides integration with any other digital products, services and smart software-based things. Hiplabs pays great attention to UX and UI solutions.

Hiplabs team has experience in developing POS-systems for restaurants, mobile applications for food ordering and delivery, menu and sales analysis systems. Hiplabs developed an ecosystem for the PropTech business area: CRM and mobile applications for utility employees and residents of apartment buildings.

Sumsub is empowering compliance and anti-fraud teams to fight money laundering, terrorist financing, and online fraud.

Sumsub helps companies to streamline their verification process for individuals and companies with global coverage, configurable verification rules, detailed analytics and case management tools.

TransferMate is a globally regulated,  B2B payments technology firm that greatly improves the international payments process for banks,  companies & FinTech startups. The unique TransferMate offering has attracted major strategic investments from leading banks such as ING Group N.V. and Allied Irish Bank.

TransferMate – a part of the Taxback Group – is a global B2B payment technology firm, enabling companies to send and receive cross-border payments faster and easier than ever before. TransferMate is authorised to conducts payment services worldwide, including the European Union,  51 US states and territories, and supports trading in 162 countries and 134 currencies.

Using TransferMate’s technology and global banking infrastructure, companies benefit from better exchange rates, greater transparency and improved reconciliation via direct integration into accounting and ERP systems.

Nuapay, an EML company, is an award winning Open Banking solution provider backed by a full suite of Account-to-Account (A2A) payment services, to empower Payment Service Providers, Banks and Tech Partners with an API driven platform to manage the movement of money. Supplying a combination of on-demand and recurring payment services, issuing of Payment Accounts and enabling outbound payments via Faster Payments and SEPA – all available as a single source solution in Europe and in the UK. Partners can select from off-the-shelf customisations through to full white label bespoke configurations where payments can be embedded through integration, where your desired brand can shine and where you can onboard your own clients. Nuapay has scalable solutions to meet your needs today and to show you a path to grow in the future.

Ondato offers a complete compliance management suite for all ‘KYC’ requirements in the financial services and other sectors that wish to provide their services in the cyberspace. Ondato provides an integrated solution that is banking-core friendly and that spans both – photo and live video identity verification, data monitoring, screening, due diligence, risk scoring and case management.

With Ondato solutions, businesses can achieve up to 90% reduction in customer onboarding cost and 30% on average reduction on compliance costs. By using Ondato a PSP will be able to bring only quality customers onboard (0% fraud tolerance),  improve conversion by allowing customers to open an account within 5 minutes and protect itself from fines for noncompliance.

Ondato solutions help reduce human resources and ensure security. Ondato is flexible and its solutions adapt to a variety of market, laws and regulations. It combines best practices of the compliance industry with BIG data & AI based engines, and its remote customer onboarding is being patented and certified by several ISO certificates.

ComplyAdvantage is the financial industry’s leading source of AI-driven financial crime risk data and detection technology. ComplyAdvantage’s mission is to neutralize the risk of money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption, and other financial crime.

More than 500 enterprises in 75 countries rely on ComplyAdvantage to understand the risk of who they’re doing business with through the world’s only global, real-time database of people and companies. The company actively identifies tens of thousands of risk events from millions of structured and unstructured data points every single day.

ComplyAdvantage has four global hubs located in New York, London, Singapore and Cluj-Napoca and is backed by Ontario Teachers’, Index Ventures and Balderton Capital.

IFX Payments has built a frictionless and complete digital payments experience that removes the burden of managing complex processes afforded by the traditional banks and empowers businesses to realise their true potential by focusing on the things that really matter.

Foreign exchange lies at the core of IFX Payments services. Seemingly small fluctuations in exchange rates can dramatically impact the amount that need to be paid so our expert currency consultants work with our clients to identify the best FX solutions.

Virtual multi-currency IBAN account integrated directly into our foreign exchange services and global payments infrastructure. IBAN allows businesses to maintain, manage and distribute funds in over 39 currencies from one single account.

International payments is the specialty of IFX Payments. Benefit from faster settlement speeds and cheaper transaction costs by connecting into our seamless and extensive banking network for both domestic and international payments.

Getting paid online can be painful. It’s expensive, slow and a huge point of friction. An architecture built before the digital revolution of open banking and dominated by incumbents leaves eCommerce merchants with expensive, slow, clunky customer experiences that leave them vulnerable to fraud. vyne solves these problems with instant account-to-account bank payments.

Give your customers a quick, simple checkout journey that seamlessly integrates into their digital lives. With no need to enter card details, customers can authorise payments in as little as three clicks. Save time, money, and hassle by removing the middleman and reduce cost by streamlining fraud, operational, and risk fees into one simple cost per transaction.

Access full-stack account to account payments – vyne takes care of everything across the entire payments lifecycle, from one-off payments to recurring and instalments.

Protean Risk is a Lloyd’s of London broker delivering specialist insurance services to firms operating in the investment industry, financial services, fintech and technology sectors. Our relationships with a broad range of insurers facilitate access to products which are best suited to the specific business needs of our clients. As these client needs change over time our depth of market access will ensure we can continue to match their requirements with market leading solutions.

Protean Risk has a specialist Fintech and Payment Services team who work closely with all types of fintech firm to identify risks and successfully deliver optimal risk mitigation and insurance solutions. Clients include payment institution and electronic money institutions of all sizes and types, from start-ups through to some of largest and best known brands. We have especially helped our fintech clients to manage the emerging risks and obligations that come with new regulations such as Safeguarding and PSD2 compliant insurance. What makes Protean Risk stand out is our expertise in the key risk areas of Professional Indemnity, Directors’ & Officers’ Liability, Cyber & Data Risk and Crime Insurance.

Advapay is a technology company that provides a digital core banking platform for fintechs or digital banks. The platform delivers all the main functionalities, including a front-to-back system and a set of tools allowing you to customise your solution and add new integrations. With Advapay, potential and existing customers can either connect to the cloud-based SaaS or implement on-premise software.