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Our team is comprised of leading experts in the field of FinTech, banking, payments, e-commerce, regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering, business development, due diligence, and information technologies.

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FinTech Compliance Consultant

Georgijus Kocegarovas

Designated Member

Lead legal counsel and risk manager with various fields of expertise ranging from financial regulation, corporate and commercial law, data protection, card scheme rules, contract drafting to anti-money laundering. Having obtained his LLB from the Hague University in the sphere of International Commercial Law, Georgijus dived into the financial sector, and successfully managed many projects involving first-line communication with regulatory authorities and payment schemes. He served as a chief legal counsel and risk manager in the UK authorised payment institution. Georgijus is an ACAMS certified anti-money laundering specialist.

FinTech Business Development Consultant PSP Lab

Dmitrijus Apockinas

Designated Member

Financial services executive with over 20 years of banking, finance, payments processing and FinTech application development experience. Served as a top executive, vice-president, CEO and board member of 3 different banks and 2 mutual fund management companies, also as Chief Operations Officer of Net Element, Inc., NASDAQ listed FinTech company. Accumulated vast knowledge of alternative payment systems, micro-finance and IT technologies sectors as a managing partner of the FinTech consultancy firm. Co-founded UK based authorised payment institution PayAlly in 2017. Obtained Bachelor degree in Banking and Finance from the Institute of Modern Business in Moscow, Russia and was awarded an MBA degree from the University of Warwick, Coventry, the United Kingdom. Dmitrijus is an ACAMS accredited anti-money laundering specialist.

FinTech Advisor PSP Lab

Mykyta Sokolov


Mykyta Sokolov specialises in financial regulation of FinTech companies in the EU. At PSP Lab he is working as business development and legal advisor. He started to go deep into FinTech in 2017 when he wrote his first research paper about Smart Contract Technology. His paper was cited in various books and articles, including Cambridge and Harvard legal journals. He advised dozens of FinTech companies from all over the world. His area of expertise includes the regulatory framework applicable to regulated and unregulated FinTech businesses as well as specific areas such as security, payments and AML regulations. Also, he helps companies with finding business partners, business models and software solutions. He has obtained LLB degree in International and European Law from the Hague University and LLB degree in Ukrainian Civil and Commercial Law from Odesa Law Academy.